Hello, Souvlaki.

(L) Gooooooooooood morning. Just. (It’s 11:50 [bst] here!) Back at you with another recipe I tried out the other day with Paige and our roommate, Tom! Now, a little context… Last year me and Paige visited Santorini, which is such a gorgeous place to visit for a variety of reasons. One of the most prominent […]

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Hello, Quirky Wish List.

(L) Heylo Errybodddyyy (hi, Dr Nick?)   In the not too distant past, myself, Paige, and our amigo Tom, moved into a new flat, which was both harrowing, and ridiculously exciting at the same time. However, shortly after moving in, like, literally a couple days, Paige went away to work with NCS for 8 weeks, […]

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Hello, World: A letter (2)

Last time I spoke about what I am grateful for, today I need a reminder of who I am, something that I lose sometimes in a world driven by people pleasing and comparing ourselves on social media. It’s okay for us to be ourselves. My name is Paige Stephanie Taylor, I am 19 and living […]

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Hello, world: a letter (1)

Dear world, I think everyone can share a story of where they have felt ungrateful or upset about their lives. Here I am spreading my gratitude and positivity towards mine. Recent, unexpected events have made me value my time on this planet more than I had prior, a very sad event, but I am grateful […]

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