Hello, Lush Haul.

  (P) Hello! So it’s safe to say that myself and Lukey are solid Lush addicts. Our bathrooms are full of the stuff, shampoo, shower gels, cleansers and scrubs! It’s not tested on bunnies and contains so many scrumptious and nourishing ingredients, it’s hard to resist. (L) I got to visit the compoundery  a couple […]

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Hello, Luke’s Tasty Buns.

Friends, Amigos, Comrades, Acquaintances, People whom are reading this blog post. Maybe even animals and inanimate objects, who knows… WELCOME TO YOU ALL, AND WELCOME TO THE START UP OF LUKE’S TASTY BUNS. No, this isn’t some kind of mild erotica featuring my beautiful man buns, no not at all. This in fact is in […]

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Hello, Food Conformists.

(P) Types of diet have become increasingly fashionable: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, pescatarian, traditional meat eater. There are probably more, but this is simply a short list.  Different people swap between these dietary options every now and again, and each boast about health benefits. Personally, I consider myself a vegetarian. I converted from eating meat in […]

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Hello, Faves n Uni.

(L) Wiggity wiggity what is going on, people. We are now both done with Uni for our first year. That is a crazy statement and it’s hard to believe but… its true! These last few weeks have been rife with revision, working, organising, coffee, nights out in celebration and overall a lot of things that […]

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Hello, Clothes Haul.

Hey all! Paige here today.   So Cabot Circus ( the main shopping centre in Bristol) hosted a ‘student session’ which included crazy discount like 50% of GBK (delicious) and 20-30% off most shops. Since I made the most of this, I thought I’d share with you all a few cute pieces I bought. Embroided […]

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Hello, Jambalaya… mk2

(L) Well hello there. Familiar title? Tonight, Paige is working late, preparing as ASM for a show on Saturday, exciting times! However, I said to her I’ll make some dinner, something slow-cooked and ready for when she be back… And I was digging Jambalaya. Whoops. This time however, though. I’m doing a Louisiana-Style Jambalaya; more […]

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